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Calling the garage can be hard work | Comedy Sketch

A customer would like to book an appointment to get his tyre/tire changed, but he's struggling on the call to an awkward operative at the garage.

There's always one on the conference call | Comedy Sketch

The Directors need to get on a conference call to save the planet, but the finance department are struggling with the technology. The I.T. Department is trying to help. This is a work of fiction! :)

Panic Buyers and Hoarders | Public Service Announcement | Comedy Sketch

A public service announcement from the Government to the panic buyers and hoarders. Obvs this is a work of fiction! :)

Coughing in Public | Public Service Announcement | Comedy Sketch

This is a Public Service Announcement from Random Blue Sheet, about coughing in public during this current climate. That is until the announcement is hacked. This is a work of fiction! :)

Futuristic Vaccine Simulator | Short Film

One of The Suits asks The Programmer to speed up the results of the simulations so they can find a vaccine sooner. This is a work of thought experiment around simulation theory, many world interpretations and quantum theory.

The Dead Sky Order Audiobook - Sample

The Lower Realm protect their land fiercely. Across the river live the Dead Sky Order. Assisted by Ka-Guardians from beyond the Frozen Sky, they invade. Banished to Icesea, Ores witnesses the violent attack, so he seeks the help of a Solchampion. The......

'Tis unnatural Even like the deed that's done | MacBeth | William Shakespeare | Cartoon

This excerpt from William Shakespeare (slightly amended) feels apt during these times. This is taken from MacBeth. It's between the Thane of Ross and Wise man/woman. I've slightly amended the lines around Duncan's horses.

Overzealous Doorbell | Comedy Sketch | Cartoon

It's time to get out of the smart house, but only if you have a valid reason and if your overzealous video doorbell allows.

Home Isolation for a Hacker | Cartoon

Someone hacks the Government servers that distribute the approved Virtual Reality for Home Isolation. This is a work of fiction.

Futuristic Airport Virus Scanner | Cartoon

Random Blue Sheet explores a futuristic airport virus scanner, and a way to remove the bug from the host. This is a work of fiction.