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Number of questions: 29

1 - What are rhino's horn made of?

2 - What is the name for a male bee that comes from an unfertilized egg?

3 - "Decapods" are an order of ten-footed crustaceans. Which of these are NOT decapods?

4 - The dish Fugu, is made from what family of fish?

5 - Which animal was part of an Russian domestication experiment in 1959?

6 - Which of these species is not extinct?

7 - Finnish Lapphund dogs were used for herding reindeer.

8 - "Kamea," the Gilbertese Islander word for dog, is derived from the English phrase "Come here!"

9 - What dog bread is one of the oldest breeds of dog and has flourished since before 400 BCE.

10 - What is the fastest animal?

11 - What type of animal is a natterjack?

12 - What color/colour is a polar bear's skin?

13 - The now extinct species "Thylacine" was native to where?

14 - What does "hippopotamus" mean and in what langauge?

15 - What is the scientific name for the "Polar Bear"?

16 - The Ceratosaurus, a dinosaur known for having a horn on the top of its nose, is also known to be a decendent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

17 - What is the common term for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)?

18 - What is the scientific name of the Common Chimpanzee?

19 - Tigers have one colour of skin despite the stripey fur.

20 - An octopus can fit through any hole larger than its beak.

21 - The Platypus is a mammal.

22 - What is the name of the family that the domestic cat is a member of?

23 - You can tell the age of a ladybird by counting the spots on his back.

24 - Cashmere is the wool from which kind of animal?

25 - The average lifespan of a wildcat is only around 5-6 years.

26 - What is the collective noun for bears?

27 - What is the collective noun for rats?

28 - A carnivorous animal eats flesh, what does a nucivorous animal eat?

29 - For what reason would a spotted hyena "laugh"?