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Number of questions: 17

1 - Which species of Brown Bear is not extinct?

2 - What is the name of the copper-rich protein that creates the blue blood in the Antarctic octopus?

3 - What is the collective noun for vultures?

4 - What type of creature is a Bonobo?

5 - Which species is a "mountain chicken"?

6 - Which of the following is another name for the "Poecilotheria Metallica Tarantula"?

7 - Which of these is a colony of polyps and not a jellyfish?

8 - What bird is born with claws on its wing digits?

9 - Which of these animals is NOT a lizard?

10 - What is the scientific name of the Budgerigar?

11 - What scientific family does the Aardwolf belong to?

12 - What was the name of the Ethiopian Wolf before they knew it was related to wolves?

13 - Unlike on most salamanders, this part of a newt is flat?

14 - What is the scientific name of the cheetah?

15 - What is the Gray Wolf's scientific name?

16 - What scientific suborder does the family Hyaenidae belong to?

17 - How many known living species of hyenas are there?