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Number of questions: 28

1 - Donald J. Trump's Middle Name is...

2 - When was Elvis Presley born?

3 - What year was O.J. Simpson aquitted of his murder charges?

4 - Which TV chef wrote an autobiography titled "Humble Pie"?

5 - Which American celebrity died in 1977 playing golf in La Moraleja, Madrid?

6 - What was the name of Marilyn Monroe's first husband?

7 - What is generally considered to be William Shakespeare's birth date?

8 - Which radio personality calls himself "The King of All Media"?

9 - What year did radio icon Howard Stern start a job at radio station WNBC?

10 - Which actress's real name was Frances Ethel Gumm?

11 - What is the real name of "moot", founder of the imageboard 4chan?

12 - What was the cause of death for Freddie Mercury?

13 - How much weight did Chris Pratt lose for his role as Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy"?

14 - Paul McCartney has always used his middle name. What is his real first name?

15 - Which of these people is NOT a part of the Internet comedy group Mega64?

16 - Nikki Diamond portrayed which Gladiator in the 1992 TV show "Gladiators"?

17 - Who is "James Rolfe" better known as?

18 - What is Doug Walker's YouTube name?

19 - What is the name of Jontron's parrot?

20 - Which famous New York Yankees outfielder did Marilyn Monroe marry?

21 - Michael Jackson had a pet python named ‘Crusher’.

22 - Who out of these actresses is the youngest?

23 - In which of these TV shows did the chef Gordon Ramsay not appear?

24 - In what year did "Bob Ross" die?

25 - In 2014, this new top 100 rapper who featured in "Computers" and "Body Dance" was arrested in a NYPD sting for murder.

26 - If he was still alive, in what year would Elvis Presley celebrate his 100th birthday?

27 - Before voicing Pearl in Steven Universe, Deedee Magno Hall was part of which American band?

28 - Where was Kanye West born?