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Number of questions: 14

1 - In "Magic: The Gathering", what instant card has the highest converted mana cost?

2 - In what year was the card game Magic: the Gathering first introduced?

3 - At the start of a standard game of the Monopoly, if you throw a double six, which square would you land on?

4 - In the game "Racko" you may pick up ANY card from the discard pile.

5 - How many points is the Z tile worth in Scrabble?

6 - "Rich Uncle Pennybags" from the board game "Monopoly" wears a monocle.

7 - What special item did the creators of Cards Against Humanity ship for their Black Friday pack?

8 - Europa Universalis is a strategy video game based on which French board game?

9 - Who is the main character in the VHS tape included in the board game Nightmare?

10 - Which of the following tabletop games is the oldest?

11 - The board game, Nightmare was released in what year?

12 - In "Magic: The Gathering", during the design for Planar Chaos, what color did the developers think of adding in as the sixth color?

13 - In Chess, the Queen has the combined movement of which two pieces?

14 - In Yu-Gi-Oh, how does a player perform an Xyz Summon?