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Number of questions: 25

1 - How many rooms are there, not including the hallways and the set of stairs, in the board game "Clue"?

2 - On a standard Monopoly board, how much do you have to pay for Tennessee Ave?

3 - The board game "Ra" was designed by which designer?

4 - Which ability from the "Magic: The Gathering" Scars of Mirrodin expansion involves having at least three artifacts in play?

5 - Which card is on the cover of the Beta rulebook of "Magic: The Gathering"?

6 - In Magic: The Gathering, what term for blocking was established in the Portal set?

7 - What Magic: The Gathering card's flavor text is just 'Ribbit.'?

8 - What do you declare in Rīchi Mahjong when you've drawn your winning tile?

9 - What is the world's oldest board game?

10 - In standard Monopoly, what's the rent if you land on Park Place with no houses?

11 - What is the most challenging monster in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Monster Manual?

12 - When Magic: The Gathering was first solicited, which of the following was it originally titled?

13 - What was the development code name for the "Weatherlight" expansion for "Magic: The Gathering", released in 1997?

14 - Some of the "Fallen Empires" cards from "Magic: The Gathering" were misprinted on the backs of which other card game?

15 - In Magic: The Gathering, what was a tribute card to Jamie Wakefield's late wife Marilyn, who loved horses?

16 - What is the sum of all the tiles in a standard box of Scrabble?

17 - Which board game was first released on February 6th, 1935?

18 - In Magic: The Gathering, which of the following was the first publicly released foil card?

19 - The board game "Monopoly" is a variation of what board game?

20 - The board game Go has more possible legal positions than the number of atoms in the visible universe.

21 - The Dice Tower network of board game podcasts and videos is run by which individual?

22 - In Magic: The Gathering, what card's flavor text is "Catch!"?

23 - What was the development code name for the "Urza's Destiny" expansion for "Magic: The Gathering", released in 1999?

24 - Which of these cards from "Magic: The Gathering" has a flavor text that begins with "Oi oi oi"?

25 - Which character class in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition gains it's powers from making a pact with a being of higher power?