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Number of questions: 13

1 - In the Homestuck Series, what is the alternate name for the Kingdom of Lights?

2 - What is the real hair colour of the mainstream comic book version (Earth-616) of Daredevil?

3 - When Batman trolls the online chat rooms, what alias does he use?

4 - In the Batman comics, by what other name is the villain Dr. Jonathan Crane known?

5 - In 1978, Superman teamed up with what celebrity, to defeat an alien invasion?

6 - In what year did the first "The Walking Dead" comic come out?

7 - What year was the first San Diego Comic-Con?

8 - Which of the following rings from the DC Comics' "Lantern Corps" are classified as Parasitic?

9 - In the comic book "Archie", Betty is friends with Veronica because she is rich.

10 - In what Homestuck Update was [S] Game Over released?

11 - In the "Archie" comics, who was Jughead's first girlfriend?

12 - When was the Garfield comic first published?

13 - In the webcomic "Ava's Demon", what sin is "Nevy Nervine" based off of?