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Number of questions: 25

1 - What is the age of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon when he starts his journey?

2 - In the anime Black Butler, who is betrothed to be married to Ciel Phantomhive?

3 - In the 1988 film "Akira", Tetsuo ends up destroying Tokyo.

4 - What is the name of the stuffed lion in Bleach?

5 - Who is the author of the manga series "Astro Boy"?

6 - In "A Certain Scientific Railgun", how many "sisters" did Accelerator have to kill to achieve the rumored level 6?

7 - Gosho Aoyama Made This Series: (Detective Conan / Case Closed!)

8 - Which Pokémon and it's evolutions were banned from appearing in a main role after the Episode 38 Incident?

9 - Kiznaiver is an adaptation of a manga.

10 - The two main characters of "No Game No Life", Sora and Shiro, together go by what name?

11 - Who is the armored titan in "Attack On Titan"?

12 - What animation studio produced "Gurren Lagann"?

13 - In the "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" series, the narrator goes by the nickname Kyon.

14 - How many "JoJos" that are protagonists are there in the series "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"?

15 - Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio responsible for the films "Wolf Children" and "The Boy and the Beast".

16 - In the 2012 animated film "Wolf Children", what are the names of the wolf children?

17 - Which of the following originated as a manga?

18 - In Kill La Kill, the weapon of the main protagonist is a katana.

19 - The name of the attack "Kamehameha" in Dragon Ball Z was named after a famous king of Hawaii.

20 - In "Inuyasha", what are the heros are looking to collect?

21 - What was Ash Ketchum's second Pokemon?

22 - What is the name of the corgi in Cowboy Bebop?

23 - In 2013, virtual pop-star Hatsune Miku had a sponsorship with which pizza chain?

24 - In "To Love-Ru", Ren and Run are from what planet?

25 - In Pokémon, Ash's Pikachu refuses to go into a pokeball.