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Number of questions: 30

1 - Throughout the entirety of "Dragon Ball Z", Goku only kills two characters: a miniboss named Yakon and Kid Buu.

2 - The "To Love-Ru" Manga was started in what year?

3 - Which animation studio animated "To Love-Ru"?

4 - In the "Dragon Ball" franchise, what is the name of Goku's brother?

5 - Which animation studio produced the anime adaptation of "xxxHolic"?

6 - In which manga did the "404 Girl" from 4chan originate from?

7 - Which studio animated Afro Samurai?

8 - Which animation studio produced "Log Horizon"?

9 - In "One Piece", what does "the Pirate King" mean to the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates?

10 - Which animation studio animated "Hidamari Sketch"?

11 - Winch of these names are not a character of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

12 - Medaka Kurokami from "Medaka Box" has what abnormality?

13 - Who was the Author of the manga Monster Hunter Orage?

14 - Which animation studio animated "Psycho Pass"?

15 - Which song was the callsign for Stefan Verdemann's KWFM radio station in Urasawa Naoki's "Monster"?

16 - In the "To Love-Ru" series, Peke is considered a female robot.

17 - In the "Kagerou Daze" series, Shintaro Kisaragi is prominently shown with the color red.

18 - In the Overlord Anime who was Cocytus made by?

19 - Which of these anime have over 7,500 episodes?

20 - The character Plum from "No Game No Life" is a girl.

21 - What is the last line muttered in the anime film "The End of Evangelion"?

22 - Druid is a mage class in "Log Horizon".

23 - Which person from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" does NOT house a reference to a band, artist, or song earlier than 1980?

24 - Which one of these characters is from "Legendz : Tale of the Dragon Kings"?

25 - In the anime Initial D, how does Takumi Fujiwara describe a drift?

26 - In the anime, "Full Metal Panel", who is Kaname's best friend?

27 - Which of the following countries does "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders" not take place in?

28 - What year was "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood" first released?

29 - In "One Piece", who confirms the existence of the legendary treasure, One Piece?

30 - Which animation studio produced "Sword Art Online"?