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Number of questions: 30

1 - Which Death Grips album is the only one to feature a band member?

2 - Which M83 album is the song "Midnight City" featured in?

3 - What is the English title of the vaporwave track "リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー" by Macintosh Plus (Vektroid)?

4 - Who won the 1989 Drum Corps International championships?

5 - The heavy metal band Black Sabbath hail from which English city?

6 - What is the stage name of New Zealand singer Phillipa "Pip" Brown?

7 - Which member of the English band "The xx" released their solo album "In Colour" in 2015?

8 - Which album was released by Kanye West in 2013?

9 - The song "Mystery Train" was released by artist "Little Junior's Blue Flames" in 1953.

10 - What is the British term for a 64th note?

11 - The key of sharps does the key of G# minor contain?

12 - How many members are there in the idol group "µ's"?

13 - What song originally performed by The Bee Gees in 1978 had a cover version by Steps 20 years later?

14 - A Caixa Malacacheta is what kind of musical instrument which is commonly used in Latin American music?

15 - On which Beatles album would you find the song 'Eleanor Rigby'?

16 - Which of these songs is not by Tatsuro Yamashita?

17 - What was the last Aphex Twin album released before his decade-long hiatus?

18 - What is the name of the 2016 mixtape released by Venezuelan electronic producer Arca?

19 - What is the first Studio Album to be released on the Internet with a "Pay-What-You-Want" price?

20 - What was the name of the cold-war singer who has a song in Grand Theft Auto IV, and a wall landmark in Moscow for his memorial?

21 - Which year was the album "Floral Shoppe" by Macintosh Plus released?

22 - What is the first track on the Dave Matthews Band album "Before These Crowded Streets"?

23 - Artis Leon Ivey Jr. is better known as which rap artist?

24 - Pete Townshend's solo album, "White City: A Novel", is set in the metropolitan area of Chicago.

25 - Who was not in the band "The Smiths"?

26 - Which of Michael Jackson's albums sold the most copies?

27 - Björk's "Unison" contains a sample of which Oval song?

28 - Pamina and Papageno are characters in what Mozart opera?

29 - Who designed the album cover for True Romance, an album by Estelle?

30 - Which lyric is about Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis?