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Number of questions: 30

1 - "Lift Your Spirit" is an album by which artist?

2 - What was David Bowie's real surname?

3 - Which song previously recorded by Elvis Presley was covered by UB40 with a reggae beat?

4 - Who had a 1973 hit with the song 'Hocus Pocus'?

5 - The country song “A Boy Named Sue” was written by Shel Silverstein.

6 - What is the opening track on Lorde's Pure Heroine?

7 - In the song “The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny,” who is the only one to survive the battle?

8 - Which French duo had UK hits in 1998 with the songs 'Sexy Boy', 'Kelly Watch The Stars' & 'All I Need'?

9 - What was the title of Sakamoto Kyu's song "Ue o Muite Arukou" (I Look Up As I Walk) changed to in the United States?

10 - For his performance at ComplexCon 2016 in Long Beach, California, Skrillex revived his "Mothership" set piece for one night only.

11 - Which album by American rapper Kanye West contained songs such as "Love Lockdown", "Paranoid" and "Heartless"?

12 - What musician made the song "Fuckin` Perfect" in 2010?

13 - What was Radiohead's first album?

14 - Dave Grohl recorded the Foo Fighters' debut, "Foo Fighters," by himself.

15 - What was Britney Spears' debut single?

16 - Norwegian producer Kygo released a remix of the song "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye.

17 - Which of these is NOT a song on The Beatles' 1968 self titled album, also known as the White album?

18 - How many copies have Metallica album "Metallica" (A.K.A The Black Album) sold worldwide (in Millions of Copies)?

19 - What is rapper Drake's real name?

20 - A Facebook campaign placed Rage Against The Machine's "Killing in the Name Of" as the UK Christmas Number 1 in 2009.

21 - Which American family band had a 1986 top 10 hit with the song 'Crush On You'?

22 - EDM record label Monstercat is based in which country?

23 - Which famous 90's rap album is commonly referred to as "The Bible of Hip Hop"?

24 - Metallica collaborated with Rowan Atkinson's Mr Bean on a 1992 comic relief single.

25 - What genre of EDM is the Dutch DJ, musician, and remixer Armin van Buuren most well-known for?

26 - Which rapper had an album that went double platinum with no features?

27 - Musical artist, Future, collaborated with Kendrick Lamar for the song: "Mask Off".

28 - Who is the lead singer of Silverchair?

29 - What is the name of French electronic music producer Madeon's 2015 debut studio album?

30 - Who is the lead singer of Bastille?