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Number of questions: 30

1 - Liam Howlett founded which electronic music group in 1990?

2 - Who is the artist of the recent new album the Uncanny Valley?

3 - Which band had hits in 1972 with the songs "Baby I'm A Want You", "Everything I Own" and "The Guitar Man"

4 - Saul Hudson (Slash) of the band Guns N' Roses is known for playing what type of guitar?

5 - Which Toronto landmark was featured on the cover art of Canadian rapper Drake's 2016 album "Views"?

6 - Who is the frontman of Muse?

7 - Who had hits in the 70s with the songs "Lonely Boy" and "Never Let Her Slip Away"?

8 - Which of these is NOT the name of an album released by American rapper Viper?

9 - EDM label Monstercat signs tracks instead of artists.

10 - Which of these bands is the oldest?

11 - Which of these is NOT an album released by The Beatles?

12 - The song "Caramelldansen" is commonly mistaken as a Japanese song, what language is the song actually sung in?

13 - The song "Twin Size Mattress" was written by which band?

14 - Which member of "The Beatles" narrated episodes of "Thomas the Tank Engine"?

15 - What album did Gorillaz release in 2017?

16 - "Drink the Sea" is an album by which electronic music artist?

17 - In 2015, David Hasselhof released a single called...

18 - In which year did "Caravan Palace" release their first album?

19 - Who performed the guitar solo on Michael Jackson's hit "Beat It"?

20 - What song on ScHoolboy Q's album Black Face LP featured Kanye West?

21 - The 'In the Flesh' tour was used in support of what Pink Floyd album?

22 - From which album is the Gorillaz song, "On Melancholy Hill" featured in?

23 - What French artist/band is known for playing on the midi instrument "Launchpad"?

24 - EDM producer Marshmello performs live wearing clothes and a marshmallow mask of what colour?

25 - Who is the vocalist and frontman of rock band "Guns N' Roses"?

26 - Which song made by MAN WITH A MISSION was used as the opening for the anime "Log Horizon"?

27 - The 1952 musical composition 4'33", composed by prolific American composer John Cage, is mainly comprised of what sound?

28 - Who recorded the album called "Down to the Moon" in 1986?

29 - What country did Shirley Bassey originate from?

30 - What is the last song on the first Panic! At the Disco album?