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Number of questions: 8

1 - What is the name of Broadway's first "long-run" musical?

2 - After England, more Shakespeare plays are set in this present day country than in any other.

3 - Who wrote the lyrics for Leonard Bernstein's 1957 Brodway musical West Side Story?

4 - Who played "Charlie Price" in the musical "Kinky Boots" on Broadway in New York from May 26th - Aug 6th 2017?

5 - Which Shakespeare play features the stage direction "Enter a messenger, with two heads and a hand"?

6 - In Les Misérables, who is Prison Code 24601?

7 - In Macbeth, the eyes of what animals were used in the Witches' cauldron?

8 - Who serves as the speaker of the prologue in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?