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Number of questions: 9

1 - Which of the following Autobot names in Michael Bay's movies was NOT a name for a Transformer in the original 1980's cartoon?

2 - Which British writer wrote for both Doctor Who and Sherlock?

3 - An episode of "The Simpsons" is dedicated to Moe Szyslak's bar rag.

4 - How many seasons did the TV show "Donkey Kong Country" last?

5 - Cesar Romero played which iconic Batman villain from the 1960's TV show?

6 - The 1985 Toyota Corolla "AE86" was the hero car for what anime?

7 - In the TV series "Person of Interest", who plays the character "Harold Finch"?

8 - Which track by "Massive Attack" is used for the theme of "House"?

9 - In "Star Trek", what is the Ferengi's First Rule of Acquisition?