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Number of questions: 27

1 - In "Star Trek", what sauce is commonly used by Klingons on bregit lung?

2 - In "Star Trek", what is the Klingon delicacy of "gagh" made from?

3 - Prior to working at Wizards of the Coast, "Mark Rosewater" was a writer for which show?

4 - In Star Trek, what is the name of Spock's father?

5 - In "Star Trek", who was the founder of the Klingon Empire and its philosophy?

6 - Who was the winner of "Big Brother" Season 10?

7 - Who played the sun baby in the original run of Teletubbies?

8 - Which former Coronation Street actress was once a hostess on the British Game Show "Double Your Money"?

9 - In the TV Show "Donkey Kong Country", which episode did the song "Eddie, Let Me Go Back To My Home" play in?

10 - In season one of the US Kitchen Nightmares, Gordan Ramsay tried to save 10 different restaurants. How many ended up closing afterwards?

11 - Which of these in the Star Trek series is NOT Klingon food?

12 - What was the callsign of Commander William Adama in Battlestar Galactica (2004)?

13 - Which of these Nickelodeon game shows aired first?

14 - In "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" what was the name of Frank's wrestling persona?

15 - Which of the following actors portrayed the Ninth Doctor in the British television show "Doctor Who"?

16 - What was the UK "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" cheating scandal known as?

17 - The Klingon home planet is Qo'noS.

18 - In 2008, British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay believes he almost died after suffering what accident in Iceland while filming?

19 - Which race enjoys a glass of warm baghol in "Star Trek"?

20 - Which of these voices wasn't a choice for the House AI in "The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror" short, House of Whacks?

21 - Which country does the YouTuber "SinowBeats" originate from?

22 - The theme for the popular science fiction series "Doctor Who" was composed by who?

23 - In "Donkey Kong Country", why does Donkey Kong want to know the secret of the crystal coconut?

24 - What's Dr. Doofenshmirtz first name?

25 - Which actor from The Young Ones also played Lord Flashheart in one episode of Blackadder II?

26 - What is the Klingon's afterlife called?

27 - What was the name of the inflatable duck sacrified to the crowd at the end of Episode 34 of the 18th season of Big Brother?