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Number of questions: 30

1 - What CS:GO case contains the Butterfly Knife?

2 - In the video game "Transistor", "Red" is the name of the main character.

3 - Which of these games was NOT a Nintendo Switch launch title in the United States?

4 - In the "Call Of Duty: Zombies" map "Origins", how many numbered power generators are there?

5 - Which of these weapons is NOT available to the Terrorist team in the game, "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"?

6 - In Monster Hunter Generations, which of the following monsters are a part of the "Fated Four"?

7 - Phil Fish was the designer of which game?

8 - In Dota 2, what is Earthshaker's real name?

9 - In "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door", what is Hooktail's weakness?

10 - What animal is featured in "Bloons TD Battles"?

11 - Which of these is NOT a name of a city in the main island of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS?

12 - In the "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." series, which of these items can't be used to lower the player's accumulated radiation?

13 - Which of the following characters is NOT playable in "Resident Evil 6"?

14 - Which puzzle game was designed by a Russian programmer, featuring Russian buildings and music?

15 - In the beta version of the 1986 game "The Legend of Zelda", players have the choice between a sword and what other item?

16 - How many zombies need to be killed to get the "Zombie Genocider" achievement in Dead Rising (2006)?

17 - Which of these champions from the MOBA 'League of Legends' is NOT a Yordle?

18 - Along with Gabe Newell, who co-founded Valve?

19 - What was the FIRST Valve game to have VR?

20 - What was the first PlayStation game to require the use of the DualShock controller?

21 - What is the name of the protagonist's first Persona in "Persona 5"?

22 - Which of the following Terran units from the RTS game Starcraft was first introduced in the expansion Brood War?

23 - Sean Bean voices the character of "Martin Septim" in which Elder Scrolls game?

24 - In the "Ace Attorney" series, what is the relationship between Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright?

25 - In Terraria, which of the following items does the Martian Saucer mini-boss NOT drop?

26 - In Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005), how many people are there to defeat on the blacklist?

27 - Which of these is not the name of a city in the Grand Theft Auto series?

28 - Which was the first "Call Of Duty: Zombies" map to introduce the "Wunderwaffe DG-2"?

29 - In the "Call Of Duty: Zombies" map "Moon", there is a secondary called the QED. What does QED stand for?

30 - Which of these is the only fighter in the game "Super Smash Bros. Melee" capable of dealing damage with their taunt animation?