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Number of questions: 30

1 - What CoD "Deathstreak" is only featured in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2?

2 - Which character is from "Splatoon"?

3 - In the video game "League of Legends" which character is known as "The Sinister Blade"?

4 - David Baszucki was a co-founder of ROBLOX Corporation.

5 - When was the video game publisher "Ubisoft" founded ?

6 - The character that would eventually become Dr. Eggman was considered for the role of Sega's new flagship mascot before Sonic was.

7 - What is the name of the currency in the "Animal Crossing" series?

8 - What is the first primary weapon the player gets in "PAYDAY: The Heist"?

9 - What former MOBA, created by Waystone Games and published by EA, was shut down in 2014?

10 - Which of these is NOT a playable character race in the video game "Starbound"?

11 - In the Pokémon series, which type is Sudowoodo, the Imitation Pokémon?

12 - Which company developed and published Game Dev Tycoon?

13 - Which of the following was not developed by Bethesda?

14 - The Sniper's SMG in Team Fortress 2, was originally intended to be the Scout's primary weapon.

15 - Which survivor in Left 4 Dead sacrificed themself to save the other survivors?

16 - In "Call Of Duty: World At War", the first appearance of the "PPSH-41" in "Zombies" was in the map "Der Riese".

17 - What is the name of Joel's daughter in the game, "The Last of Us"?

18 - What was the character Kirby originally going to be named?

19 - Which of the following Copy Abilities was only featured in "Kirby & The Amazing Mirror"?

20 - What is the only Generation III Pokemon whose name begins with the letter I?

21 - Which company developed the video game "Borderlands"?

22 - In what Anno game did the eco balance an part of the game play?

23 - What is the name of the creature that the main character befriends in "The Last Guardian"?

24 - In "Call Of Duty: Zombies", what is the name of Samantha Maxis' dog?

25 - Who developed the 2016 farming RPG "Stardew Valley"?

26 - When was "Garry's Mod" released?

27 - In "Team Fortress 2", the "Bill's Hat" is a reference to the game "Dota 2".

28 - In what year were achivements added to Steam?

29 - What is the name of the virus in "Metal Gear Solid 1"?

30 - What is the name of the machine that fails and essentially dooms mankind in the beginning of the first Half-Life game?