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Number of questions: 30

1 - Which CS:GO eSports team won the major event ESL One Cologne 2016?

2 - Which of the following is not a playable race in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2?

3 - What name does the little headcrab in "Half Life 2" have?

4 - Who voices the character "Vernon Cherry" in "Red Dead Redemption"?

5 - In "Call Of Duty: Zombies", which map introduced the perk "PhD Flopper"?

6 - Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS in the Portal game series, is married to the voice actor for which Team Fortress 2 character?

7 - The cake depicted in Valve's "Portal" franchise most closely resembles which real-world type of cake?

8 - What is the name of the common, gun-toting enemies of the "Oddworld" video game series?

9 - Who is the villain company in "Stardew Valley"?

10 - In Left 4 Dead, what is the name of the virus, as designated by CEDA, that causes most humans to turn into the Infected?

11 - In PROTOTYPE 2, which of the following abilities/weapons is NOT obtained by an Evolved?

12 - Pistons were added to Minecraft in Beta 1.5.

13 - Which ones of these Mario Kart games was made for the Gameboy Advance?

14 - How many Chaos Emeralds can you collect in the first Sonic The Hedgehog?

15 - In Monster Hunter Generations, guild style is a type of hunting style.

16 - In "Halo 2", what is the name of the monitor of Installation 05?

17 - Hidden in the files for "Mario Kart Arcade GP" is a picture of the Beslan school hostage crisis.

18 - In "Resident Evil 2", what is Leon Kennedy's middle name?

19 - Which of these Counter-Strike maps is a bomb defuse scenario?

20 - This weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive does not exist in real life.

21 - Which "Perk-A-Cola" in "Call Of Duty: Zombies" was "reworked" in "Call of Duty: Black Ops II"?

22 - What type of genre is the controversial 2015 game "Hatred"?

23 - Without enchantments, which pickaxe in minecraft mines blocks the quickest.

24 - When was "System Shock" released?

25 - In the "Call Of Duty: Zombies" map "Der Riese", what is the name of the "Pack-A-Punched PPSH-41"?

26 - In the Season One Championship of "League of Legends", the highest achievable rank was Diamond.

27 - In the 1980s, a service called Gameline allowed users to download games to what console?

28 - In the MMO RPG "Realm of the Mad God", what class is known for having the highest possible defense?

29 - In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, how many consecutive kills does it require to earn the "Tactical Nuke" killstreak?

30 - In the 2000 video game "Crimson Skies," what was the name of the protagonists' zeppelin?