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Number of questions: 30

1 - In "Team Fortress 2", what is the fastest taunt kill that can be pulled off?

2 - In Diablo lore, this lesser evil spawned from one of the seven heads of Tathamet, and was known as the Maiden of Anguish.

3 - In World of Warcraft, which raid instance features a chess event?

4 - Which of these characters in "Undertale" can the player NOT go on a date with?

5 - What Pokémon's Base Stat Total does not change when it evolves?

6 - In the game Warframe, what Mastery Rank do you need to have to build the Tigris Prime?

7 - In "Super Mario Sunshine", how do you unlock the "Corona Mountain" level?

8 - In "Portal 2", Cave Johnson started out Aperture Science as a shower curtain company.

9 - In "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit", what is the name of the fictional car?

10 - How long was the World Record Speed Run of Valve Software's "Half-Life" that was done in 2014.

11 - The voice actor for which Portal 2 character was not a TV or film actor prior to the game?

12 - All of these maps were in "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" on its initial release: House, Clubhouse, Border, Consulate.

13 - What is the plane of existence in MicroProse's 1997 "Magic the Gathering"?

14 - In the game Call of Duty, what is the last level where you play as an American soldier?

15 - The names of Roxas's Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts are "Oathkeeper" and "Oblivion".

16 - In TF2 Lore, what are the names of the Heavy's younger sisters?

17 - In the "Halo" series, what is the name of the race of aliens humans refer to as "Grunts"?

18 - According to the lore of "Starbound", what does the "Colony Deed" do when it is placed down?

19 - Which one of the following titles by Valve is not based on a Community Mod?

20 - In "Metal Gear Solid 2", you will see through the eyes of Psycho Mantis if you go first person during his boss fight.

21 - Which of these Pokémon cannot learn Surf?

22 - In the "PAYDAY" series, what is the real name of the character known as "Dallas"?

23 - Why was the character Trevor Philips discharged from the Air Force?

24 - What Touhou Project character's first ever appearance was as a midboss in the eighth game, Imperishable Night?

25 - TF2: Sentry rocket damage falloff is calculated based on the distance between the sentry and the enemy, not the engineer and the enemy

26 - In the original "Super Mario Bros.", what is the acceleration of Mario if he was in free fall?

27 - What is the name of the alien species introduced in Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)?

28 - Which Kingdom Hearts game featured the cast of "The World Ends With You"?

29 - In the Gamecube Version of "Resident Evil" what text document is open on the monitor of the computer in the Visual Data Room?

30 - In the game "Overwatch," which quote does the hero "McCree" NOT say upon using his flashbang ability?