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Number of questions: 30

1 - In "Halo", what is the name of the planet which Installation 04 orbits?

2 - How many voice channels does the Nintendo Entertainment System support natively?

3 - Which of the following games in the The Legend of Zelda franchise was released in North America before Japan?

4 - How many people can you recruit in the game Suikoden in a single playthrough?

5 - The creeper in Minecraft was the result of a bug while implementing which creature?

6 - In World of Warcraft lore, who organized the creation of the Paladins?

7 - In the "Ace Attorney" series, who was the truly responsible of the forging of the autopsy report of the pivotal IS-7 incident?

8 - In the Kingdom Hearts series, which is not an optional boss you can fight?

9 - In the game "The Sims", how many Simoleons does each family start with?

10 - Which of the following commercial vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IV did NOT reappear in Grand Theft Auto V?

11 - Which variant of the MP5 is depicted in Counter-Strike 1.6?

12 - Which game in the "Monster Hunter" series introduced the monster "Gobul"?

13 - Which of these online games was originally named LindenWorld in it's early development?

14 - Which was the first M-rated video game developed by Squaresoft/Square Enix?

15 - When was the Valve Corporation founded?

16 - In the title of the game "Luigi's Mansion", what is the only letter to not appear with a pair of eyes in it?

17 - What was the world's first video game?

18 - Which artist composed the original soundtrack for "Watch Dogs 2"?

19 - What was the name of the hero in the 80s animated video game 'Dragon's Lair'?

20 - In the Super Mario Bros. Series, what is Yoshi's scientific name?

21 - How many voice channels does the Super Nintendo Entertainment System support?

22 - The video game "Fuel" has an open world that is 5,560 square miles?

23 - Which car did not appear in the 2002 Lego Game: Drome Racers?

24 - The retail disc of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 only comes with the tutorial.

25 - Which of these characters was considered, but ultimately not included, for Super Smash Bros. Melee?

26 - The map featured in Arma 3 named "Altis" is based off of what Greek island?

27 - In "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" for the Sega Genesis, what do you input in the sound test screen to access the secret level select?

28 - According to Toby Fox, what was the method to creating the initial tune for Megalovania?

29 - What is the name of your team in Star Wars: Republic Commando?

30 - In Monster Hunter Generations, which of these hunter arts are exclusive to the Longsword?