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Number of questions: 30

1 - In "Yo! Noid 2," The Noid can perform what special move?

2 - The PlayStation was originally a joint project between Sega and Sony that was a Sega Genesis with a disc drive.

3 - Which Game Boy from the Game Boy series of portable video game consoles was released first?

4 - Rebecca Chambers does not appear in any Resident Evil except for the original Resident Evil and the Gamecube remake.

5 - In Super Mario Bros., who informs Mario that the princess is in another castle?

6 - Which franchise was NOT featured in the 2015 video game "Lego Dimensions"?

7 - The game "Pocket Morty" has a Morty called "Pocket Mortys Morty"?

8 - What year was the game "Overwatch" revealed?

9 - In "Space Station 13", the station has a clown aboard it.

10 - Who created the 2011 Video Game "Minecraft"?

11 - The end credits sequence in Grand Theft Auto 5 is over half an hour long.

12 - In what year was the game "FTL: Faster Than Light" released?

13 - In "Overwatch", which hero is able to wallride?

14 - Donkey Kong was originally set to be a Popeye arcade game.

15 - How many differently shaped Tetris pieces are there?

16 - What is the name of the main healing item in Dark Souls?

17 - In Kingdom Hearts the Paopu fruit is said to intertwine the destinies for two people forever.

18 - Tetris is the #1 best-selling video game of all-time.

19 - What year did the game "Overwatch" enter closed beta?

20 - When was Minecraft first released to the public?

21 - In the "Half-Life" series, "H.E.V" stands for "Hazardous Evasiveness Vest"

22 - The names of Tom Nook's cousins in the Animal Crossing franchise are named "Timmy" and "Jimmy".

23 - In Animal Crossing, who is the manager of the town shop?

24 - In Until Dawn, both characters Sam and Mike cannot be killed under any means until the final chapter of the game.

25 - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair featured all of the surviving students from the first game.

26 - In Rust, how many Timed Explosive Charges does it take to destroy a Ladder Hatch?

27 - What was the first video game in the Batman "Arkham" series?

28 - Rocket League is a game which features..

29 - The starting pistol of the Terrorist team in a competitive match of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is what?

30 - What is the homeworld of the Elites from Halo?