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Number of questions: 30

1 - In PROTOTYPE 2. who is referred to as "Tango Primary"?

2 - In the game Dark Souls, what is the name of the region you're in for the majority of the game?

3 - Which of the following is a class in the game "Hearthstone"?

4 - In Kingdom Hearts, how many members does Organization XIII have in total?

5 - Who is the protagonist in the game "The Walking Dead: Season One"?

6 - In Splatoon, the Squid Sisters are named Tako and Yaki.

7 - In "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games", characters are split into how many types?

8 - In the original Spyro game who is the first villain?

9 - In what city in the dystopia alternate future of Half-Life 2 do you first start in?

10 - The main playable character of the 2015 RPG "Undertale" is a monster.

11 - In the Super Smash Bros. series, which character was the first one to return to the series after being absent from a previous game?

12 - In "Sonic Adventure", you are able to transform into Super Sonic at will after completing the main story.

13 - What was the release date of "Grand Theft Auto IV"?

14 - Which character in the "Animal Crossing" series uses the phrase "zip zoom" when talking to the player?

15 - Who is the main character in "The Stanley Parable"?

16 - In the game Nuclear Throne, what character is only usable in a play through with Melting?

17 - What is the name of the main character in "Life is Strange"?

18 - What minimum level in the Defence skill is needed to equip Dragon Armour in the MMO RuneScape?

19 - Codemasters is the developer of the Gran Turismo series.

20 - In vanilla Minecraft, which of the following cannot be made into a block?

21 - Ana was added as a new hero for the game Overwatch on July 19th, 2016.

22 - Which of the following names is the "Mega Man" Franchise known as in Japan?

23 - In the game "Hearthstone", what is the best rank possible?

24 - Which franchise does the creature "Slowpoke" originate from?

25 - In Portal 2, how did CEO of Aperture Science, Cave Johnson, presumably die?

26 - In Undertale, what's the prize for answering correctly?

27 - The "Day of Defeat" series of games take place during which war?

28 - Which Pokémon can learn the move "Secret Power" by leveling up?

29 - The song "Megalovania" by Toby Fox made its third appearence in the 2015 RPG "Undertale".

30 - Which of these video game engines was made by the company Epic Games?