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Number of questions: 30

1 - What is the largest organ of the human body?

2 - How many colors are there in a rainbow?

3 - Bulls are attracted to the color red.

4 - Romanian belongs to the Romance language family, shared with French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

5 - In 2010, Twitter and the United States Library of Congress partnered together to archive every tweet by American citizens.

6 - A scientific study on peanuts in bars found traces of over 100 unique specimens of urine.

7 - What are Panama hats made out of?

8 - French is an official language in Canada.

9 - What do the letters in the GMT time zone stand for?

10 - What is Tasmania?

11 - The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

12 - The Great Wall of China is visible from the moon.

13 - What is the name of the Jewish New Year?

14 - When you cry in space, your tears stick to your face.

15 - How many furlongs are there in a mile?

16 - Gumbo is a stew that originated in Louisiana.

17 - Which sign of the zodiac is represented by the Crab?

18 - Which of the following card games revolves around numbers and basic math?

19 - The National Animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.

20 - What do the letters of the fast food chain KFC stand for?

21 - What word represents the letter 'T' in the NATO phonetic alphabet?

22 - Which best selling toy of 1983 caused hysteria, resulting in riots breaking out in stores?

23 - The New York Times slogan is, “All the News That’s Fit to…”

24 - What alcoholic drink is made from molasses?

25 - What color is the "Ex" in FedEx Ground?

26 - In the video-game franchise Kingdom Hearts, the main protagonist, carries a weapon with what shape?

27 - The Sun rises from the North.

28 - What is the most common surname Wales?

29 - Red Vines is a brand of what type of candy?

30 - Which of these colours is NOT featured in the logo for Google?