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Number of questions: 30

1 - What is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet?

2 - What is the Capital of the United States?

3 - Which ocean borders the west coast of the United States?

4 - Greenland is almost as big as Africa.

5 - What is the capital of Denmark?

6 - How many stars are featured on New Zealand's flag?

7 - California is larger than Japan.

8 - The derisive acronym "PIIGS" refers to which of the following European countries and their economic statuses?

9 - Hungary is the only country in the world beginning with H.

10 - The body of the Egyptian Sphinx was based on which animal?

11 - Greenland is covered with grass and Iceland covered with ice.

12 - What colour is the circle on the Japanese flag?

13 - All of the following are classified as Finno-Ugric languages EXCEPT:

14 - What is Canada's smallest province?

15 - What is the name of New Zealand's indigenous people?

16 - Which country was NOT part of the Soviet Union?

17 - What is the smallest country in the world?

18 - Which of the following European languages is classified as a "language isolate?"

19 - What is the nickname for the US state Delaware?

20 - Rhode Island is actually located on the US mainland, despite its name.

21 - A group of islands is called an 'archipelago'.

22 - How many countries does the United States share a land border with?

23 - Which of these is the name of the largest city in the US state Tennessee?

24 - Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

25 - What country is the second largest in the world by area?

26 - If soccer is called football in England, what is American football called in England?

27 - The longest shared border in the world can be found between which two nations?

28 - What country has a horizontal bicolor red and white flag?

29 - Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

30 - Where would you find the "Spanish Steps"?