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Number of questions: 30

1 - Which city is the capital of the United States of America?

2 - What is the name of the peninsula containing Spain and Portugal?

3 - New Haven is the capital city of the state of Connecticut in the United States.

4 - There is an island in Japan called Ōkunoshima, A.K.A. "Rabbit Island", so named because of it's huge population of rabbits.

5 - Which of the following Arab countries does NOT have a flag containing only Pan-Arab colours?

6 - Nova Scotia is on the east coast of Canada.

7 - What state is the largest state of the United States of America?

8 - St. Louis is the capital of the US State Missouri.

9 - Which of the following former Yugoslavian states is landlocked?

10 - Harvard University is located in which city?

11 - What is the capital of South Korea?

12 - The Space Needle is located in which city?

13 - What is the capital of the American state of Arizona?

14 - Which nation claims ownership of Antarctica?

15 - What is the capital of the US State of New York?

16 - What is the capital of Scotland?

17 - Which of these is NOT an Australian state or territory?

18 - What is the largest country in the world?

19 - What name was historically used for the Turkish city currently known as Istanbul?

20 - Which UK country features a dragon on their flag?

21 - Vatican City is a country.

22 - Which US state has the highest population?

23 - The Republic of Malta is the smallest microstate worldwide.

24 - Which of these African countries list "Spanish" as an official language?

25 - Which Russian oblast forms a border with Poland?

26 - Which of the following languages does NOT use the Latin alphabet?

27 - What is the official language of Costa Rica?

28 - What is the Polish city known to Germans as Danzig?

29 - Which of the following countries has a flag featuring a yellow lion wielding a sword on a dark red background?

30 - How many federal states does Germany have?