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Number of questions: 30

1 - On a London Underground map, what colour is the Circle Line?

2 - How many countries does Spain have a land border with?

3 - Seoul is the capital of North Korea.

4 - Which German city is located on the River Isar?

5 - How many timezones does Russia have?

6 - What is the capital of Lithuania?

7 - The longest place named in the United States is Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, located near Webster, MA.

8 - What is the region conjoining Pakistan, India, and China with unknown leadership called?

9 - What is the capital of the US state Nevada?

10 - Which of these countries is located the FURTHEST away from the South China Sea?

11 - Which Canadian province has Charlottetown as its capital?

12 - What is the capital of Peru?

13 - Which of these countries is "doubly landlocked" (surrounded entirely by one or more landlocked countries)?

14 - Which of the following countries does NOT recognize Armenia as an independent country?

15 - The Japanese district Akihabara is also known by what nickname?

16 - What is the northernmost human settlement with year round inhabitants?

17 - Montreal is in which Canadian province?

18 - "Mongolia" was a part of the now non-existent U.S.S.R.

19 - Where is the world's oldest still operational space launch facility located?

20 - Which is the largest city in Morocco?

21 - All of the following countries have official claims to territory in Antartica EXCEPT:

22 - The Sonoran Desert is located in eastern Africa.

23 - All of the following are towns/villages in the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati EXCEPT:

24 - On which continent is the country of Angola located?

25 - How many provinces are in the Netherlands?

26 - What is the largest lake in the African continent?

27 - What is the capital of British Columbia, Canada?

28 - How many time zones are in Russia?

29 - Which of the following countries is within the Eurozone but outside of the Schengen Area?

30 - Liechtenstein does not have an airport.