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Number of questions: 30

1 - What was the most populous city in the Americas in 2015?

2 - Which of these country's capitals starts with the letter B?

3 - The title of the 1969 film "Krakatoa, East_of Java" is incorrect, as Krakatoa is in fact west of Java.

4 - What mountain range lines the border between Spain and France?

5 - What event led to Liechenstein adding a crown to its flag?

6 - What is the capital of Slovakia?

7 - How many countries are larger than Australia?

8 - Which country has three capital cities?

9 - Which of these countries is NOT located in Africa?

10 - You could walk from Norway to North Korea while only passing through Russia.

11 - What is the capital of Senegal?

12 - The capital of the US State Ohio is the city of Chillicothe.

13 - Which one of these countries borders with Poland?

14 - Norway has a larger land area than Sweden.

15 - Vietnam is the only country in the world that starts with V.

16 - What is the name of the only remaining Grand Duchy in the world ?

17 - The surface area of Russia is slightly larger than that of the dwarf planet Pluto.

18 - What's the first National Park designated in the United States?

19 - What is the capital of Belarus?

20 - There are no roads in/out of Juneau, Alaska.

21 - How many rivers are in Saudi Arabia?

22 - How many countries share a land border with Luxembourg?

23 - The Principality of Sealand is an unrecognized micronation off the coast of what country?

24 - What is the largest Muslim country in the world?

25 - What European country is not a part of the EU?

26 - Which state of the United States is the smallest?

27 - Where is Earth's South Magnetic Pole?

28 - What is the capital of Seychelles?

29 - The land mass of modern day Turkey is called what?

30 - Where is the "Sonoran Desert" located?