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Number of questions: 30

1 - Which of the following Presidents of the United States was assassinated?

2 - The crown of the Empire State Building was originally built for what purpose?

3 - Which of the following ancient Near Eastern peoples still exists as a modern ethnic group?

4 - When did the United States formally declare war on Japan, entering World War II?

5 - During the Mongolian invasions of Japan, what were the Mongol boats mostly stopped by?

6 - Who was the first president born in the independent United States?

7 - Adolf Hitler was accepted into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

8 - On which aircraft carrier did the Doolitte Raid launch from on April 18, 1942 during World War II?

9 - Assyrian king Sennacherib's destruction of Babylon in 689 BCE was viewed as a triumph by other Assyrian citizens.

10 - In which year was Constantinople conquered by the Turks?

11 - In what year did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the moon?

12 - Joseph Smith was the founder of what religion?

13 - The M41 Walker Bulldog remains in service in some countries to this day.

14 - The creator of the Enigma Cypher and Machine was of what nationality?

15 - Who is attributed credit for recording the epic poem The Odyssey?

16 - Which of the following is NOT classified as a Semetic language?

17 - Which Apollo mission was the last one in NASA's Apollo program?

18 - What was the transfer of disease, crops, and people across the Atlantic shortly after the discovery of the Americas called?

19 - Which American civilization is the source of the belief that the world would end or drastically change on December 21st, 2012?

20 - When was the Grand Patriotic War in the USSR concluded?

21 - How old was Lyndon B. Johnson when he assumed the role of President of the United States?

22 - The first televised presidential debate was between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

23 - Who crowned Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day in 800?

24 - In World War I, what was the name of the alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria?

25 - Who was the first explorer to sail to North America?

26 - Which of the following snipers has the highest amount of confirmed kills?

27 - What was the bloodiest single-day battle during the American Civil War?

28 - Who was the leader of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia ?

29 - The Korean War started in what year?

30 - Which Nation DID NOT have a Colony in Modern-day America?