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Number of questions: 30

1 - In what year did the First World War end?

2 - Who was the only US President to be elected four times?

3 - The Spitfire L.F. Mk IX had what engine?

4 - The seed drill was invented by which British inventor?

5 - Which of the following Assyrian kings did NOT rule during the Neo-Assyrian Empire?

6 - Which building was set aflame on August 24th, 1812?

7 - In 1961, an American B-52 aircraft crashed and nearly detonated two 4mt nuclear bombs over which US city?

8 - When did the Battle of the Bulge end?

9 - What is the bloodiest event in United States history, in terms of casualties?

10 - When did Norway become free from Sweden?

11 - What was the name of one of the surviving palaces of Henry VIII located near Richmond, London?

12 - Which country was an allied power in World War II?

13 - In what prison was Adolf Hitler held in 1924?

14 - Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. President to be born outside the borders of the thirteen original states.

15 - The Korean War ended in 1953 without any ceasefire.

16 - In what year did the Berlin Wall fall?

17 - All of the following are names of the Seven Warring States EXCEPT:

18 - What is the name of the US Navy spy ship which was attacked and captured by North Korean forces in 1968?

19 - In what year was the famous 45 foot tall Hollywood sign first erected?

20 - United States President Ronald Reagan was the first president to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court.

21 - When did the British hand-over sovereignty of Hong Kong back to China?

22 - On which day did the attempted coup d'etat of 1991 in the Soviet Union begin?

23 - Against which country did the Dutch Republic fight the Eighty Years' War?

24 - Which country had an "Orange Revolution" between 2004 and 2005?

25 - Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was the only General involved in the initial assault on D-Day.

26 - Which of the following countries was the first to send an object into space?

27 - What is the name of the ship which was only a few miles away from the RMS Titanic when it struck an iceberg on April 14, 1912?

28 - What is the mnemonic device for remembering the fates of the wives of Henry VIII?

29 - In what dialogue did Socrates defend himself to the court of Athens?

30 - When did Jamaica recieve its independence from England?