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Number of questions: 30

1 - What was the total length of the Titanic?

2 - What year did Skoal, a smokeless Tobacco company, release their first line of Pouches, known as "Skoal Bandits"?

3 - What number does the Roman numeral "D" stand for?

4 - If you grab the bladed end of a longsword in a specific way, you will not cut yourself.

5 - In 1967, a magazine published a story about extracting hallucinogenic chemicals from bananas to raise moral questions about banning drugs.

6 - What event marked the start of World War II?

7 - What Russian automatic gas-operated assault rifle was developed in the Soviet Union in 1947, and is still popularly used today?

8 - On which day did construction start on "The Pentagon", the headquarters for the United States Department of Defense?

9 - What year did the Vietnam War end?

10 - Sir Issac Newton served as a Member of Parliament, but the only recorded time he spoke was to complain about a draft in the chambers.

11 - When Christopher Columbus sailed to America, what was the first region he arrived in?

12 - What disease crippled President Franklin D. Roosevelt and led him to help the nation find a cure?

13 - When was the People's Republic of China founded?

14 - In World War II, Hawker Typhoons served in the Pacific theater.

15 - The Herero genocide was perpetrated in Africa by which of the following colonial nations?

16 - What year did the Boxing Day earthquake & tsunami occur in the Indian Ocean?

17 - When did Norway get its constitution?

18 - What historical event was Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture referencing?

19 - Which of his six wives was Henry VIII married to the longest?

20 - When was "The Gadget", the first nuclear device to be detonated, tested?

21 - Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank were born the same year.

22 - In which years did the Battle of Gallipoli take place?

23 - Which of the following is not in the Indo-European language family?

24 - Which of these countries was sea charted in 1500 by the Portuguese maritime explorations?

25 - Sargon II, a king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, was a direct descendant of Sargon of Akkad.

26 - What were the first states to break away from Yugoslavia?

27 - What year did Australia become a federation?

28 - Which U.S. president took part in the Potsdam Conference, where the Allies reached a peace settlement with Germany?

29 - How many times was Albert Einstein married in his lifetime?

30 - According to scholarly estimates, what percentage of the world population at the time died due to Tamerlane's conquests?