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Number of questions: 22

1 - Neptune's greek name was...

2 - What is the name of the first human being in Norse mythology?

3 - The Hippogriff, not to be confused with the Griffon, is a magical creature with the front half of an eagle, and the back half of what?

4 - In African mythology, Anansi is a trickster and storyteller who takes the shape of which animal?

5 - The Roman god "Jupiter" was first known as "Zeus" to the Greeks.

6 - What is the name of the Greek god of blacksmiths?

7 - According to Norse mythology, Loki is a mother.

8 - The Norse god Odin has two pet crows named "Huginn" and "Muninn". What do their names mean?

9 - A minotaur is half human half what?

10 - In Greek mythology, Hera is the goddess of harvest.

11 - This Greek mythological figure is the god/goddess of battle strategy (among other things).

12 - According to the Egyptian Myth of Osiris, who murdered Osiris?

13 - Who was the Roman god of fire?

14 - Who is the god of war in Polynesian mythology?

15 - Hera is god of...

16 - The Japanese god Izanagi successfully returned his wife Izanami from the Underworld.

17 - The Maori hold that which island nation was founded by Kupe, who discovered it under a long white cloud?

18 - Which of the following is not one of the Greek Fates?

19 - According to Japanese folklore, what is the favorite food of the Kappa.

20 - Which of the following Mesopotamian mythological figures was NOT a deity?

21 - Which of these Roman gods doesn't have a counterpart in Greek mythology?

22 - In Greek Mythology, who killed Achilles?