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Number of questions: 12

1 - Which Norse God has a horse named Sleipnir?

2 - What was the punishment for Sysiphus's craftiness?

3 - Nidhogg is a mythical creature from what mythology?

4 - Who is the Egyptian god of reproduction and lettuce?

5 - What immense structure is referred to in Norse Mythology as the Yggdrasil.

6 - In Greek Mythology, who was the daughter of King Minos?

7 - According to Algonquian folklore, how does one transform into a Wendigo?

8 - Talos, the mythical giant bronze man, was the protector of which island?

9 - In Norse mythology, what is the name of the serpent which eats the roots of the ash tree Yggdrasil?

10 - Janus was the Roman god of doorways and passageways.

11 - Rannamaari was a sea demon that haunted the people of the Maldives and had to be appeased monthly with the sacrifice of a virgin girl.

12 - Which of the following is NOT a god in Norse Mythology.