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Number of questions: 18

1 - The S in Harry S. Truman stands for "Samuel".

2 - The largest consumer market in 2015 was...

3 - How many people are in the U.S. House of Representatives?

4 - Who was the 45th President of the United States?

5 - The 2016 United States Presidential Election is the first time Hillary Clinton has run for President.

6 - Former president Theodore Roosevelt (1900-1908) ran for another term under the Progressive Party in 1912.

7 - There was a satirical candidate named "Deez Nuts" running in the 2016 US presidential elections.

8 - In 2016, the United Kingdom voted to stay in the EU.

9 - Former United States President Bill Clinton famously played which instrument?

10 - Which of the following Pacific Islander countries is ruled by a constitutional monarchy?

11 - Despite being seperated into multiple countries, The Scandinavian countries are unified by all having the same monarch.

12 - Whose 2016 presidential campaign slogan was "Make America Great Again"?

13 - Russia passed a law in 2013 which outlaws telling children that homosexuals exist.

14 - One of Barack Obama's United States presidential campaign slogan's was "Yes We Can".

15 - Donald Trump won the popular vote in the 2016 United States presidential election.

16 - Denmark has a monarch.

17 - Which former US president was nicknamed "Teddy" after he refused to shoot a defenseless black bear?

18 - According to the United States Constitution, how old must a person be to be elected President of the United States?