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Number of questions: 14

1 - Which of the following United States senators is known for performing a 24-hour long filibuster?

2 - Joko Widodo has appeared in the cover of a TIME magazine.

3 - Which of these was an official candidate in the 2017 British General Election?

4 - In June 2017, Saudi Arabia and Egypt broke off ties with which country over its supposed support for terrorism?

5 - Nazi Germany surrendered on Harry Truman's birthday while he was president.

6 - George Clinton, Vice President of the United States (1805-1812), is an ancestor of President Bill Clinton.

7 - Which Native American tribe/nation requires at least one half blood quantum (equivalent to one parent) to be eligible for membership?

8 - What is centralism?

9 - What year did the effort to deploy the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the US begin?

10 - Which of the following United States Presidents served the shortest term in office?

11 - Who was the longest-serving senator in US history, serving from 1959 to 2010?

12 - "Yes, America Can!" was this United States politician's de facto campaign slogan in 2004.

13 - What is the name of Niccolò Machiavelli's work that argued effective leaders needed to crush their opponents at all costs?

14 - Which letter do you need to have on a European driver license in order to ride any motorbikes?