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Number of questions: 30

1 - In web design, what does CSS stand for?

2 - In "Hexadecimal", what color would be displayed from the color code? "#00FF00"?

3 - In the programming language Java, which of these keywords would you put on a variable to make sure it doesn't get modified?

4 - HTML is what type of language?

5 - This mobile OS held the largest market share in 2012.

6 - In computing, what does MIDI stand for?

7 - When Gmail first launched, how much storage did it provide for your email?

8 - In any programming language, what is the most common way to iterate through an array?

9 - "HTML" stands for Hypertext Markup Language.

10 - What amount of bits commonly equals one byte?

11 - The logo for Snapchat is a Bell.

12 - The NVidia GTX 1080 gets its name because it can only render at a 1920x1080 screen resolution.

13 - In computing, what does LAN stand for?

14 - According to the International System of Units, how many bytes are in a kilobyte of RAM?

15 - Which computer language would you associate Django framework with?

16 - How long is an IPv6 address?

17 - What does GHz stand for?

18 - What does the Prt Sc button do?

19 - Pointers were not used in the original C programming language; they were added later on in C++.

20 - Ada Lovelace is often considered the first computer programmer.

21 - If you were to code software in this language you'd only be able to type 0's and 1's.

22 - What does LTS stand for in the software market?

23 - Which company was established on April 1st, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne?

24 - How many kilobytes in one gigabyte?

25 - What does CPU stand for?

26 - How many values can a single byte represent?

27 - Which computer hardware device provides an interface for all other connected devices to communicate?

28 - Linux was first created as an alternative to Windows XP.

29 - The programming language 'Swift' was created to replace what other programming language?

30 - What is the most preferred image format used for logos in the Wikimedia database?