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Number of questions: 30

1 - Which of the following languages is used as a scripting language in the Unity 3D game engine?

2 - Approximately how many Apple I personal computers were created?

3 - The first computer bug was formed by faulty wires.

4 - All program codes have to be compiled into an executable file in order to be run. This file can then be executed on any machine.

5 - The common software-programming acronym "I18N" comes from the term "Interlocalization".

6 - What five letter word is the motto of the IBM Computer company?

7 - How fast is USB 3.1 Gen 2 theoretically?

8 - In CSS, which of these values CANNOT be used with the "position" property?

9 - What is the correct term for the metal object in between the CPU and the CPU fan within a computer system?

10 - What does AD stand for in relation to Windows Operating Systems?

11 - All of the following programs are classified as raster graphics editors EXCEPT:

12 - Which programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995?

13 - What is the number of keys on a standard Windows Keyboard?

14 - What was the name given to Android 4.3?

15 - Linus Sebastian is the creator of the Linux kernel, which went on to be used in Linux, Android, and Chrome OS.

16 - Which coding language was the #1 programming language in terms of usage on GitHub in 2015?

17 - What does RAID stand for?

18 - MacOS is based on Linux.

19 - Which of the following is a personal computer made by the Japanese company Fujitsu?

20 - On which computer hardware device is the BIOS chip located?

21 - The computer OEM manufacturer Clevo, known for its Sager notebook line, is based in which country?

22 - What is the name of the default theme that is installed with Windows XP?

23 - When did the online streaming service "Mixer" launch?

24 - How many cores does the Intel i7-6950X have?

25 - A Boolean value of "0" represents which of these words?

26 - .rs is the top-level domain for what country?

27 - Which one of these is not an official development name for a Ubuntu release?

28 - Laserjet and inkjet printers are both examples of what type of printer?

29 - "Windows NT" is a monolithic kernel.

30 - The last Windows operating system to be based on the Windows 9x kernel was Windows 98.