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Number of questions: 30

1 - It's not possible to format a write-protected DVD-R Hard Disk.

2 - FLAC stands for "Free Lossless Audio Condenser"'

3 - In programming, the ternary operator is mostly defined with what symbol(s)?

4 - What did the name of the Tor Anonymity Network orignially stand for?

5 - In the server hosting industry IaaS stands for...

6 - What does the acronym CDN stand for in terms of networking?

7 - Which of these people was NOT a founder of Apple Inc?

8 - Generally, which component of a computer draws the most power?

9 - Android versions are named in alphabetical order.

10 - AMD created the first consumer 64-bit processor.

11 - Moore's law originally stated that the number of transistors on a microprocessor chip would double every...

12 - The first dual-core CPU was the Intel Pentium D.

13 - The teapot often seen in many 3D modeling applications is called what?

14 - In the programming language "Python", which of these statements would display the string "Hello World" correctly?

15 - Early RAM was directly seated onto the motherboard and could not be easily removed.

16 - What is known as "the brain" of the Computer?

17 - The HTML5 standard was published in 2014.

18 - .at is the top-level domain for what country?

19 - What does "LCD" stand for?

20 - What is the main CPU is the Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis?

21 - To bypass US Munitions Export Laws, the creator of the PGP published all the source code in book form.

22 - What does the term GPU stand for?

23 - In computing terms, typically what does CLI stand for?

24 - Which operating system was released first?

25 - Which internet company began life as an online bookstore called 'Cadabra'?

26 - Which of these programming languages is a low-level language?

27 - The very first recorded computer "bug" was a moth found inside a Harvard Mark II computer.

28 - When was the programming language "C#" released?

29 - The name of technology company HP stands for what?

30 - Whistler was the codename of this Microsoft Operating System.