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Number of questions: 11

1 - What was the first Android version specifically optimized for tablets?

2 - Nvidia's headquarters are based in which Silicon Valley city?

3 - In programming, what do you call functions with the same name but different implementations?

4 - How many bytes are in a single Kibibyte?

5 - In HTML, which non-standard tag used to be be used to make elements scroll across the viewport?

6 - What was the first commerically available computer processor?

7 - On which day did the World Wide Web go online?

8 - While Apple was formed in California, in which western state was Microsoft founded?

9 - The open source program Redis is a relational database server.

10 - What does the term MIME stand for, in regards to computing?

11 - Which of these is the name for the failed key escrow device introduced by the National Security Agency in 1993?