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Number of questions: 30

1 - What major programming language does Unreal Engine 4 use?

2 - The IBM PC used an Intel 8008 microprocessor clocked at 4.77 MHz and 8 kilobytes of memory.

3 - What is the name of the process that sends one qubit of information using two bits of classical information?

4 - What internet protocol was documented in RFC 1459?

5 - The internet domain .fm is the country-code top-level domain for which Pacific Ocean island nation?

6 - America Online (AOL) started out as which of these online service providers?

7 - Who invented the "Spanning Tree Protocol"?

8 - Which of these is not a layer in the OSI model for data communications?

9 - What is the name given to layer 4 of the Open Systems Interconnection (ISO) model?

10 - Which of these names was an actual codename for a cancelled Microsoft project?

11 - Which of these is not a key value of Agile software development?

12 - What vulnerability ranked #1 on the OWASP Top 10 in 2013?

13 - What port does HTTP run on?

14 - Which of the following is the oldest of these computers by release date?

15 - What type of sound chip does the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) have?

16 - How many Hz does the video standard PAL support?

17 - Dutch computer scientist Mark Overmars is known for creating which game development engine?

18 - According to DeMorgan's Theorem, the Boolean expression (AB)' is equivalent to:

19 - What was the name of the first Bulgarian personal computer?

20 - Who is the original author of the realtime physics engine called PhysX?

21 - What does the International System of Quantities refer 1024 bytes as?

22 - Released in 2001, the first edition of Apple's Mac OS X operating system (version 10.0) was given what animal code name?

23 - Which of these was the name of a bug found in April 2014 in the publicly available OpenSSL cryptography library?

24 - What was the name of the security vulnerability found in Bash in 2014?

25 - What was the first company to use the term "Golden Master"?

26 - Which RAID array type is associated with data mirroring?

27 - The Harvard architecture for micro-controllers added which additional bus?

28 - DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Port.

29 - The acronym "RIP" stands for which of these?

30 - Which data structure does FILO apply to?