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Number of questions: 12

1 - In Topology, the complement of an open set is a closed set.

2 - What is the derivative of Acceleration with respect to time?

3 - The decimal number 31 in hexadecimal would be what?

4 - The binary number "101001101" is equivalent to the Decimal number "334"

5 - What is the approximate value of mathematical constant e?

6 - If you could fold a piece of paper in half 50 times, its' thickness will be 3/4th the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

7 - What is the 100th digit of Pi?

8 - L'Hôpital was the mathematician who created the homonymous rule that uses derivatives to evaluate limits with indeterminations.

9 - How many zeptometres are inside one femtometre?

10 - Which of these numbers is closest to the total number of possible states for an army standard Enigma Machine?

11 - The French mathematician Évariste Galois is primarily known for his work in which?

12 - What is the plane curve proposed by Descartes to challenge Fermat's extremum-finding techniques called?