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Number of questions: 30

1 - What do the 4 Rings in Audi's Logo represent?

2 - The Japanese Shinkansen beat the French TGV's speed record for fastest electric rail train.

3 - Which of the following car models has been badge-engineered (rebadged) the most?

4 - Arriva is owned by the Deutsche Bahn.

5 - Which of the following passenger jets is the longest?

6 - When was Cadillac founded?

7 - Which of the following vehicles featured a full glass roof at base model?

8 - What country is the Hussarya supercar, made by the car manufacturer "Arrinera", assembled in?

9 - Which car manufacturer created the "Aventador"?

10 - Which country has the international vehicle registration letter 'A'?

11 - What nickname was given to Air Canada Flight 143 after it ran out of fuel and glided to safety in 1983?

12 - The General Motors EV1 was the first street-legal production electric vehicle.

13 - Complete the following analogy: Audi is to Volkswagen as Infiniti is to ?

14 - Which animal features on the logo for Abarth, the motorsport division of Fiat?

15 - Which of the following is NOT a Russian car manufacturer?

16 - What part of an automobile engine uses lobes to open and close intake and exhaust valves, and allows an air/fuel mixture into the engine?

17 - Which of the following countries has officially banned the civilian use of dash cams in cars?

18 - Which Japanese company is the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles?

19 - Which one of the following is not made by Ford?

20 - Bugatti was an Italian car manufacturer.

21 - Enzo Ferrari was originally an auto racer for what manufacturer before founding his own car company?

22 - When was Tesla founded?

23 - The snowmobile was invented by Canadian Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1937.

24 - Volkswagen's legendary VR6 engine has cylinders positioned at what degree angle?

25 - The Chevrolet Corvette has always been made exclusively with V8 engines only.

26 - Which supercar company is from Sweden?

27 - Which car brand does NOT belong to General Motors?

28 - Ferrari has never made a V10 engine for any of its cars.

29 - Which one is NOT the function of engine oil in car engines?

30 - The majority of Subaru vehicles are made in China.