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Number of questions: 17

1 - The difference between the lengths of a Boeing 777-300ER and an Airbus A350-1000 is closest to:

2 - What car manufacturer gave away their patent for the seat-belt in the interest of saving lives?

3 - Which Variable Valve Timing technology is used by BMW?

4 - Which one of the following is NOT a sub-company of the Volkswagen Group?

5 - Which car is the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle?

6 - What engine is in the Lexus SC400?

7 - Which Audi does not use Haldex based all wheel drive system?

8 - What was the name of the first front-wheel-drive car produced by Datsun (now Nissan)?

9 - How much horsepower is produced by the SD40-2 Locomotive?

10 - In 1993 Swedish car manufacturer Saab experimented with replacing the steering wheel with a joystick in a Saab 9000.

11 - What year did the Chevrolet LUV mini truck make its debut?

12 - Which of these is NOT a car model produced by Malaysian car manufacturer Proton?

13 - The term "GTO" was originated by Ferrari?

14 - In 2014, over 6 million General Motors vehicles were recalled due to what critical flaw?

15 - Which one of these chassis codes are used by BMW 3-series?

16 - What model was the sports car gifted to Yuri Gagarin by the French government in 1965?

17 - What kind of train was Stepney, a train on the Bluebell Railway notable for his appearance in "The Railway Series"?